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  1. Rob

    Does this violate Lyft's or Uber's terms of service?

    I don't think it would violate any TOS, however, I'm thinking it has an ability to affect tips/rating in a negative way. It may raise the % of tips as well, though. I'd say try it for a week and see what happens! BTW, thanks for joining up - i don't check here too often because we don't have...
  2. Rob

    Uber How to call Uber support as a driver

    If you're a driver and need to call Uber support, you can now do it through the app. 1. Open the app 2. Click 'Account' at the bottom/right 3. Click 'Help' 4. Click the phone icon in the top/right The phone number listed for Uber support on my app is 1-800-593-7069, but it may be different for...
  3. Rob

    Uber updates its Driver app again for 180 days of change

    Over the past couple of days, Uber has made a few great changes to its driver app! Some of these changes will truly benefit the driver, while also making the passengers enjoy a better experience. See your rider's live location during pickup - Soon, you'll be able to see your rider's live...
  4. Rob

    Lyft announces changes to their driver app

    Lyft recently added some much needed changes to its driver app. These changes will make driving for Lyft much more enjoyable. Long Trip Alerts: Much like how Uber attempts to let you alert you of a long trip, Lyft will do the same thing. When the ride will exceed 45 minutes, you'll see a '45+...
  5. Rob

    Lyft Just opted in for Lyft's Philly Snow Team

    Anyone else get it or sign up? More info is here:
  6. Rob

    Lyft 'Stranger Things' mode in LA and Philly

    Oct 27th and 28th in LA and Philly, you may see some strange looking cars in your Lyft rider app. Lyft has teamed up with Stranger Things to make your ride a bit spooky. Lyft states ".. the Upside Down is coming to a Lyft ride near you. To celebrate Halloween and the premier of Netflix's...
  7. Rob

    Hey there - i'm Rob

    You may have met me already - i'm the one giving out business cards for this forum! I've been driving only a couple of months, but love the extra income and see each trip as an adventure. Hope you enjoy your stay here - thanks for signing up! Rob
  8. Rob

    Uber Starts policy to give drivers incentive to pick up those far away passengers

    As a driver in the suburbs, I'll go ahead and accept those pings through Uber and Lyft that are 15-20 minutes away. Especially if it's to start my 'shift' for the day. I drive part time and it's a great secondary income for extra money between checks. However, when you're getting 10-15 minute...
  9. Rob

    Why do you drive?

    There are many reasons why we started driving Uber or Lyft. This poll allows you to choose multiple answers. Why do you drive?
  10. Rob

    Lyft Lyft destination mode is for Line rides only

    I hadn't realized this before, but Lyft's destination mode will only find you Line rides going in your direction. I found this out from Lyft support when asking why we can't put on destination mode when in the airport queue: This goes against what the help article on destination mode says...
  11. Rob

    Lyft Destination mode with arrival time

    Yep, also agree. I'll use this on uber (with arrival time set) and it will let me know when it's time to head home or where ever.. The Lyft one i'm never sure if it'll really work or not since I believe it assumes I want to head there NOW.
  12. Rob

    Uber How do I request a ride from a certain driver?

    Hey there - welcome to the forums! The easiest way to do this is to call, then meet the driver somewhere. While they are near you request the ride. Since they are the closest driver they should be the one to get your ping. Edit: BTW, this should work with either Uber or Lyft.
  13. Rob

    Lyft How to rate driver?

    Rate them whatever you think they deserved based on the ride. The only thing I can think of (without being there along with you two on the ride) is that this driver assumes you only do short trips and they don't want to get matched with you again.
  14. Rob

    Lyft 24/7 phone support from Lyft

    Lyft now offers 24/7 phone support! More info:
  15. Rob

    Allentown / Philly Uber and Lyft codes

    Lyft: RobInPA Uber: grp7x
  16. Rob

    Passengers: Your rating matters (tips on keeping a 5 star rating)

    While passengers won't get deactivated for having a low rating, getting an Uber or Lyft driver to pick you up with a rating under 4.5 may take a little longer than if you kept a 4.8+ rating in the app. Drivers that have ratings under 4.6 are risking deactivation, which is why you'll seldom see...
  17. Rob

    Uber Destination mode paid off this time!

    I had a long-ish drive.. about an hour away from my house and was working my way back with destination mode on. Was able to grab a couple rides! Usually, i'm not going that far on d-mode so I don't get too many of them.
  18. Rob

    Uber Hating the Uber pay freeze thing that goes on

    Yeah, but it's a good thing because it'll protect you in case someone gets in your app and puts their bank info (y)
  19. Rob

    Uber Drove my last UberPool today

    Gotta take the bad with the good :) Keep going and you'll forget about this ride.. (y)
  20. Rob

    Uber Do you boycott UberPool?

    It depends on what i'm doing.. While some of the rides do end up pretty bad pay-wise, if I get one while in destination mode they work out pretty well.