Does this violate Lyft's or Uber's terms of service?

Hi All, I've been driving for Lyft and Uber for three months now with about 500 rides under my belt. Here in Des Moines, virtually the entire metro area can be considered a suburb with average pickup times on the order of eight minutes or so. The reimbursement rates here are among the lowest in the country. Thus, I'm considering putting signs with the following in my vehicle:

Dear Rider: I net, on average $12/hour driving for Lyft after fuel expenses.
However, when the cost/mile for the lease is considered ($.25/mile) on all miles driven (including pickups),
the net return drops to less than $6/hour.
Please consider this when deciding whether or not to tip, as they are very much appreciated!

I'm wonder if this in any way violates terms of service for either Lyft or Uber. I'm also curious to do the experiment to see how it affects the percentage of tips and also ratings as it kind of puts PAX on the spot for their incredible frugality. Perhaps its different in other areas, but here I get about 10% of riders tipping normally and perhaps 30% for airport rides.

Any thoughts?


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I don't think it would violate any TOS, however, I'm thinking it has an ability to affect tips/rating in a negative way. It may raise the % of tips as well, though.

I'd say try it for a week and see what happens!

BTW, thanks for joining up - i don't check here too often because we don't have many users yet, but i'll try to be around more often!


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