Waiting too long at IAD

It’s insane how long has it taken me to wait at Dulles airport in the Lyft queue. The most annoying is that last 45 minutes, I have been only two drivers behind and not getting any pings! Flights are operating normally and the weather is perfect. The issue may have to do with Lyft’s new option where drivers can select the types of rides they can give. I have set mine to “Lyft Plus” (due to my car being a Toyota Highlander). Having left home at 6am, taken only 2 rides and wasted 6 hours of my valuable life in stupid rideshare. What an idiot I’m!!! Ready to close off and head home...


Staff member
Is it any better with Uber there?

I'm in Philly, but don't do the airport queue thing since the airport is already over an hr away from my house. If I get a ride to the airport i'll turn it off until i'm about a half hr away headed back home. Then i'll turn it back on and maybe even destination it.

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